Submission Guidelines

To find out what we publish, check the About tab, as well as the items in the About drop-down menu—especially Our Imprints. Also see the additional notes below.

We prefer series to stand-alones in all categories/genres, but don’t count stand-alones out.

Please, EDIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT. A manuscript with too many spelling and grammatical errors is more likely to be rejected.

Beeline Press

Nonfiction: We prefer actionable material to theoretical; concise and focused rather than general and wordy.

Educational Materials: Be sure you know what you’re talking about.

Dancing Dragon Press

Activity books: for children and adults; be creative/imaginative; strive for unique. For puzzle books, double-check the puzzles to make sure they’re correct and complete. If you use a puzzle generator, don’t count on everything always being correct, because it isn’t.

Good Apple Press

Adult fiction

We are looking for short stories of no more than 3000 words for the public section of our website and for possible inclusion in anthologies.

We accept novellas of 10,000-30,000 words.  Our novel imprints listed below should be no more than 75,000 words, though we do occasionally publish longer novels of exceptional quality.

Your story must be original, and it must have a plot, of course.

We like humor. The best stories are seasoned with it.

Deadly Medley: Suspense, mystery, horror. If it doesn’t have me on the edge of my seat and turning pages, you’ll get it back.

Sassy Lassies: Isn’t it romantic? A Sassy Lassies story doesn’t have to be romantic in the traditional sense. It also doesn’t have to have a happy ending—but it might.

It doesn’t need to have sex scenes, either. But if it does, be sure you keep reading—there are important guidelines for you coming up.

The romance may be the main plot or a subplot—but if a subplot, it should be a significant part of the story.  We especially love a story with a unique voice, as well as one which empowers women.  We look for well-developed characters with both strengths and flaws.

Although there may be intimate, erotic scenes, they can NOT be pornographic. We do not publish pornography.  Although both are intended to arouse sexual desire, we believe they are different in presentation.  While pornography is more a graphic description of the sexual act, erotica—which may also be graphic—seeks to arouse primarily through all the senses and by appealing to the emotions and imagination.  Erotica also makes full use of the literary technique of sexual tension.  Foreplay is essential—except, of course, in rape and molestation cases.  Remember also that romance means love, and there is nothing trashy about love.  While a happy ending is not a requirement, emotional involvement (in the story, if not the sex) is.

We believe sex is a natural and acceptable part of life.  We also believe that safe, responsible sex is healthy on every level.  Your story should reflect this attitude.  Although the sex need not be an integral part of your plot, it should not be gratuitous.  It should integrate into your story naturally and develop the story or characters in some way.

Neither should violence be gratuitous or overly sensational.  We do not publish stories in which violence is romanticized or glorified.  Sexual violence, if included in your story, should be portrayed for what it is—a heinous crime.  We do not publish stories with graphic sexual scenes between an adult and a minor.  Your character may be a victim of childhood molestation, but scenes revealing that experience must NOT be titillating for the reader.  We also do not publish stories which are “preachy” or judgmental.

TIPS:  We encourage new and unpublished writers, but insist that the writing be professional quality. If we do not accept your first efforts, learn and practice your craft and try again. Keep checking our “For Writers” section. We’ll be adding resources to help you get your writing from where it is now to great!

SUBMISSIONS:  We accept electronic submissions only. Submit your manuscript using the form below. For short stories, submit complete manuscript.  For all other submissions, send query, writing resumé (if you have been published), synopsis, and first three chapters or approximately the first one hundred pages.

IMPORTANT: Send PDFs ONLY. Other formats will be rejected without opening.

If your writing credits at this point are modest, you may include them in your query instead of sending a resumé.

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