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Attention Creatives! We accept submissions for all of the following categories. Please see the Submission Guidelines for more information.


Publishing the answers that will get you there

  • Nonfiction:  Do you yearn for nonfiction that leaves the fluff and filler where it belongs–like in a cushion or pillow–and just gets you right to the point? Never mind the theory, just tell you what you need to know? Give you solutions that don’t leave you hanging and wondering how to go forward? We don’t have a lot of time to waste, either, so our goal is to keep it short and relevant. We publish the answers that will get you there.
  • Activity Books: Journals and planners that will keep you on track and give you a record of your progress. We all know the value of hind-sight. A record of what you did and how you did it keeps that hind-sight 20-20. And don’t underestimate the “feel-good” of seeing how far you’ve come. Sometimes that’s all the motivation you need to keep you moving.
  • Educational Materials: Are there ever enough good educational materials out there? Whether you’re a lifelong learner or a parent giving a toddler a head-start, a student a helping hand—or home-schooling, bless your dedicated heart, you can quickly run short on educational materials that actually make learning fun. We believe that learning isn’t really learning until it’s fun. 


Creating bookworms fresh out of the cocoon

  • Activity Books: We’ve focused on puzzle books so far, but watch for coloring books—both adult and children’s—coming soon to a bookshelf near you!
  • Children’s Picture Books to Young Adult Fiction: Two things broaden learning experience and personal growth in ways nothing else can: travel and reading. And the younger you start, the more profoundly it influences your life and the person you are. That’s why you want books that engage your little bookworms right out of the cocoon. We look for three top criteria in juvenile fiction. It must:
    • Stimulate the imagination. Make their minds curious.
    • Encourage interaction. Invite positive, constructive engagement.
    • Teach, but do it between the lines.

Check out our Dancing Dragon page on Amazon to see the entire list of our currently available Dancing Dragon books, and get your healthy brain workout started today!


Keeping your mind healthy: A book a day keeps boredom away!

  • Adult Fiction
  • The genres:
    • Sassy Lassies: <Raises back of hand to forehead while issuing a sigh> “There must be romance.”
      • But all romance isn’t sweetly innocent, and all endings aren’t happily ever after. Some are, but then there are others….
    • Deadly Medley: Guess.
    • While Sassy Lassies and Deadly Medley are distinctly romantic and suspenseful (respectively), they may cross genres in any direction from that starting point. A Sassy Lassies story can be sci-fi or contemporary or action/adventure—but there’s always some romance afoot. A Deadly Medley might be steampunky and dystopian or horrifyingly paranormal or maybe all in the mind—but if you’re not on the edge of your seat, you’re missing something. We won’t let you get between the covers totally unarmed, though. Just check out the descriptions for clues about what surprises you might be encountering between the sheets. Of paper!…Well, you know…those sheets, too…maybe. 
    • Would you like to scope out some samples? Settle into our Reading Room for a bit or dabble in Our Scribblings (blog) for some sneak peaks!  😯

Happy reading!

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